CWA – Financial Reporting – December 2012 Exam Solutions

Question paper of the Advance Financial Accounting & Reporting of ICWA Final

Answer sheet of the ICWA Advance Financial Accounting & Reporting



We are please to inform that most questions asked in the December 2012 attempt of ICWA final on Advance Financial Accounting & Reporting came from the course notes of our faculty CA Abhishek Kaushik

1.a. buy cialis (i) Covered by Q.3. of the Book. AS-28

iii)Similar to Q.1. of the Book.

(iv) Similar to Q.8. of the Book. AS-22

(v) Similar to Q.2. AS-22, of the Book.

(vi) As per Q.1. of the book. AS-6

(Vii)As per Q.2. of the book AS-20.

(viii) As per Q.5. of the book AS-23.


(i) C






(i) Similar to Q. of AS-25

(ii) Similar to Q. of AS-29


Q.2. (a)Similar to Q.11, AS-17

(b)Covered in theory of AS-18

(c) Covered by theory of AS-1

(d)Financially literate means ability to read and understand financial statements.


Q.3. Similar to Q. 19, page no. 106 of the book


Q.4. Similar to Q. 36 of the book


5. a. Similar to Q. 8 page 163 of the book

b. Similar to Q. 13, page 132 of the book


6. Similar to Q. 16. Valuation Page 58 of the book


7. Similar to Q.27. of amalgamation the book


8. Theory –short note question

a. Page 188 of the book

b. Page 198 of the book

c. Q.7. page 197 of the book

d. Covered by AS-28

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