About Us

Takshila Learning Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2009 by a group of professionals from the fields of IT, Telecom & Education coming together with an aim to introduce cutting edge education & training solutions that help students achieve their career objectives efficiently. Over the past few years, we have set-up separate verticals that work like independent profit centres for the different courses we have been offering.

Currently, we have courses from Finance, IT and Skill Development domain being offered at various levels in the corporate as well as in retail format. Takshila has a team of qualified faculties in each of these domains who act as trainers as well consultants in their respective domains. This means that we are ably placed to offer unique set of solutions across various industry sectors.

At Takshila, we hope to be pioneers in our own way quite like what Takshila did many centuries ago. With unique learning content delivery model for unique set of courses and subjects, we have created a niche for ourselves.